The Naked Koala is brought to you by Livi and Alex. Two smiley and fairly silly people who like adventures and watch more Netflix than they probably should. They are not vegans. In fact, they are not even vegetarian. They are however, dairy-free and make it their mission to discover all that is delicious in the world. Livi loves watching Glee. Alex loves watching The Wire. When the time calls for it, they compromise and watch Glee. He won’t admit it, but he loves it. Occasionally they are ably supported by Alex’s Star Wars loving son, Evan. (He loves fishes!)

trio norwich

Livi, known to all as Livi Lollipop, is a face painting fairy by day, literally painting rainbows and showering people in glitter wherever she goes. She also spends a lot of her time painting 12” vinyl records so that they resemble kiwis, limes and various other multi-coloured whimsical delights. Alex loves the lemon most of all. He can be found making music with his band Dayflower. Nowhere near as productive as he’d like to be, he does love doing it (and is relieved that Livi loves the music he makes – she really does!). Together, Livi, Alex (and occasionally Evan) can be found anywhere there is a world class burger on the menu, some exotic fish to gawp at, or a promise of something high in sugar and low on dairy. Sugar-free they are not. They are here. They are there. They are everywhere. They are Team Koala! Just be careful not to get in the way of one of Alex and Evans pretend boxing fights. Oh and also, they like to do star jumps in public places. For photographic purposes. In fact, they will pretty much do them wherever they go. If you see two and a half people jumping up and down in a completely unsynchronised manner, don’t be alarmed. It isn’t another under rehearsed street dance trio. It’s Team Koala! Hopefully see you soon. Livi, Alex & Evan.

star jump botanicals
Successfully synchronised star jumping at the Botanical Gardens, Leicester
Star jumping at Stonehurst Farm, Leicester
Star jumping at Stonehurst Farm, Leicester

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