Camden canals, houseboat dwelling & a really friendly German!

If you love free escapades and beautiful walks we’d recommend venturing along the Regent’s Canal from Camden Lock to Little Venice. Conveniently located at the start of the walk is Camden’s colourful and eclectic Street Food Market, brimming with burgers and burritos, crepes and cupcakes, and satisfying every cuisine craving imaginable – from Venezuelan to Vietnamese, Japanese to Taiwanese, Indian to African. It’s a true feast for all the senses and not to be missed if you’re in the area. But we digress (so easy when talking about food!)  After filling our bellies with savoury and sweet treats we ambled off at snail’s pace along the canal, photographing every inch of the sensational scenery as we walked.

Regent’s Canal whilst meandering through central London feels like anywhere but London. Very easy to forget about the noisy hustle and bustle of streets only minutes away, it is peaceful and picturesque, resembling more of a European city or a conjured up fairy tale than a route through the UK’s capital. With its brightly coloured narrowboats, music boats and smiling strangers, it is truly an idyllic escape.

fb P1330176

We particularly loved our encounter with this spectacularly eye-catching jumble of a boat and its German owner, who sat chilling in his ‘garden’ sipping beer and taking great delight in watching people’s reactions to his masterpiece. In response to our curiosity he informed us that he “started viz vun flower. And zen anuzza flower. And zen all zis shit!”

fb boat 4

He was absolutely lovely and invited us to take as many photos as we liked.

Further down the canal we passed the notoriously odd-shaped London Zoo bird enclosure and some really beautiful bridges.

We then marvelled at the multi-million pound mansions & their majestic reflections in the water, gobsmacked by google’s revelation that they are all in fact privately owned and not public property!

fb P1330186

Probably our absolute favourite bit of the walk was a large section of colourful floating homes, adorned with trinkets and flowers and gleaming gloriously in the sunlight. Each had its very own little ‘garden’ as well, with truly shabby chic rustic patio tables and chairs, birdcages, grow-your-own-veg patches, wildflowers and even a banana tree!

We fell in love with what we learned are Hollyhocks, growing lusciously alongside the canal. Just look at that exploding star in the middle of the flower! Isn’t nature incredible?!

The colours and diversity were just magical….

Some photos of The Naked Koala hard at work, before concluding our walk in the charmingly quaint Little Venice. It was early evening by the time we got there so we missed the floating Waterside cafe opening hours – a restaurant boat serving breakfasts, afternoon teas and freshly baked cakes. If you happen to make it there, do let us know what it’s like! Until then, happy walking to you 🙂

fb P1330231
Sunshine poser
fb P1330197
Weeping willows and obligatory star jumps!
fb v2 P1330246ps
Mini jungle in central London!

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