A Saturday at Sneinton Vegan Market, Nottingham

Both of us working weekends means a Saturday afternoon off is rare, so when a free Saturday presented itself to us we jumped at the chance to jump on a train and visit Nottingham's monthly vegan event - Sneinton Vegan Market! The low December sun was shining brightly on Sneinton as we meandered around the... Continue Reading →


Vegan Barcelona | Vegan Eats & Treats

La Besneta - makers of quite possibly the best cake we've ever eaten, and it just so happened to be vegan! We discovered their lip-smackingly spectacular carrot-cake-in-a-jar (stocked in Demasie - see below) and were unfortunately oblivious to the fact that they had their very own bakery! Next time we're in Barcelona, La Besneta bakery... Continue Reading →

Doughnotts, Leicester – COMING SOON!

Since discovering the devilishly glorious cake wizardry of Doughnotts in Nottingham we have made multiple train trips from Leicester to Nottingham in the name of doughnuts. We've spent more on train fares than we have on doughnuts, just to get doughnuts. Sounds crazy, and expensive, but entirely worth it. They are that good. So when they... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems Granada | The Naked Koala

Street art - Granada boasts a magnificent surrealistic street art scene. The work of graffiti artist Raul Ruiz, aka El Nino, complements and enhances the beautiful, rustic facades of Granada streets and can be found throughout the city. Head to the Realejo quarter to see most of his work, and Colegio Santo Domingo for an 800m+ stretch of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems Edinburgh | The Naked Koala

Chocolate Tree - utterly charming, authentic old-fashioned chocolate shop. The kind of place of which dreams are made! Sells proper chocolate and other made-from-scratch chocolate treats created by magicians who know and understand chocolate. Hot chocolate sent from heaven, a cosy Moroccan-style snug, artisan chocolates and a stunning array of cakes and tortes. Full review... Continue Reading →

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