Bite-size cake heaven! | Koala cake pops by The Little Blakery

For our anniversary, what better gift could Livi get Alex but KOALA cake pops!! Always on the look out for edible works of art and unique present ideas, I stumbled upon some koala shaped cake pops on the website of a local cake maker. Having sampled this cake makers exquisite never-to-be-forgotten cake pops in the... Continue Reading →

Perfect Parisian Patisseries & Sweet Treats | Montmartre

Our recent trip to Paris pretty much consisted of Livi dragging Alex round as many patisseries as possible, satisfying our sweet teeth with every munch. As always, Livi won the unofficial sugar eating contest hands down, and Alex could be found desperately seeking salty treats. Gilles Marchal - a perfect patisserie perched on a hill,... Continue Reading →

Vegan Barcelona | Vegan Eats & Treats

La Besneta - makers of quite possibly the best cake we've ever eaten, and it just so happened to be vegan! We discovered their lip-smackingly spectacular carrot-cake-in-a-jar (stocked in Demasie - see below) and were unfortunately oblivious to the fact that they had their very own bakery! Next time we're in Barcelona, La Besneta bakery... Continue Reading →

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